5 Youtube Gurus

Hi loves!

Today I am going to share some of my favorite Youtube gurus! I’ve decided to make this a series and share 5 gurus a month! Youtube is one of the best tools to keep up on makeup trends, discover new products and learn skills!

Alexandrea Garza


Alexandrea is gorgeous, kind and exciting to watch. Her videos include hauls, goal setting skills, vlogs and tutorials. Alexandrea has a load of product knowledge and tends to like higher-end products.

Ashley Nichole


Ashley is a drugstore makeup goddess! She uses extremely affordable products and always has new tips on how to apply cosmetics! She is a relatively new Youtuber and her videos include routines, and favorites!

Emily Noel of Beauty Broadcast Express


Emily has been one of my favorite gurus forever. She has the widest knowledge for makeup I have ever seen. She gives extremely useful product reviews and always has opinions about the newest products!

Casey Holmes


Casey is also one of my absolute favorites! I could probably watch her videos all day. Casey is hilarious and does the best glam tutorials even if you don’t recreate the look, it’s so fun to watch!! She also has fabulous hair care tips and entertaining favorites videos!



Rachel is a Canadian guru who loves drugstore products, favorites videos and has amazing fashion tips! She also does the best life reflection videos!

I hope you learned about some new gurus from this post and look out for the next edition in a month!

– Isabel


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