Road Trips with Tripda!

I think everyone in today’s society has either used and/or heard of a car-traveling app. For short rides in one city, Uber is probably the most popular. But what I am sharing today is Tripda… a long distance, ride sharing site and app.


A classic movie, “When Harry Met Sally” has about 20 minutes of road tripping matching the driver and passenger through a friend. If the movie were set 10 years later, they would use a discussion board to find a ride. And now, they would have used Tripda to connect. Unlike other travel apps, Tripda makes it easier to gain friendships through each journey.

Road Trip

Road-tripping as an extremely popular way to travel. Whether it’s to get from your college to your home or just driving to a vacation spot, it’s on most people’s bucket-list. I’ve always liked the idea of a road trip but with a disability, it can be hard to drive long-distances. Other ways of traveling can be hard too, but it is so much easier knowing you have a backup driver that is understanding!! I like the idea of finding someone to drive with me so that I can still have fun and be safe. Tripda focuses on 5 missions; Social, Economical, Green, Security and Convenience. This is very satisfying because I love meeting new people, lowering pollution, saving money… and I don’t know who doesn’t!

tripda missions

Safety gets discussed frequently when bringing up these kinds of apps. But through my research about Tripda, I’ve found out how important customer safety is to this company. Simple is also a word that comes to mind. Both the app and site are extremely simple and easy to use; a unique feature is that Tripda uses both words and pictures to help their clients. I was surprised because, being a visual thinker, having pictures and charts make me feel safer and reassured that Tripda is truly looking out for their users. Using pictures to explain their mission is very unique to this app! The site also lets travelers coordinate directly with each other through the app about paying for gas and other expenses! But payments are always made through the app so that your money is always secure!

tripda flow chart

**See what I mean? This makes it so easy to understand!!

People with disabilities often get looked over in the travel market, which need to change. And I am happy to say Tripda is helping to lead that change! And of course, being a fashionista, I want to save my money and I am totally looking forward to using this site to travel from Boston to NYC for some Bergdorf Goodman shopping!

Tripda’s Website

Tripda’s Twitter

And a special thank you to Her Campus for introducing me to this company!

– Isabel

This post is brought to you by Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. 


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