Fashion Apps: Pose

Happy 2015, fashionistas!

Today I am bringing you another fashion app review, this time for Pose which is both an app and site! To see my review of, click here!

Pose Layout

The Pose app is an amazing resource that I have been obsessed with for about a year. On the Pose app there are many different tabs:


The first is your home page which has posts from everyone you are following. The feed is full of outfit inspiration and great fashion photography. The main point of Pose is to let viewers find the clothes that their favorite fashionistas are wearing!


The next tab is a ‘Get Inspired‘ folder. Which has the latest posts on the app, from both bloggers you are following and bloggers you are not following!


The last tab is a ‘Shop‘ tab, which has every piece of clothing that is posted in Pose. Within this tab there are many options of different kinds of clothing. Such as; Boots, Dresses under $25, Featured Items, etc. Which is nice because you can narrow down different OOTDs by what you are looking for.

I hope this was somewhat helpful, and I look forward to bringing you another post soon!

– Isabel


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