HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR!

A lot of resolutions are made for the New Year, but I am going to take a twist on it!

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 2.48.13 PM

  1. A bad habit I am going to break: One bad habit that my Mother would thank me for breaking is hoarding magazines. I have been trying to nail this habit for a long time, and I think 2015 is the year for it!
  1. A new skill I would like to learn: This one took me a lot of thought but I finally came up with, learning tougher braids. I love to braid hair and I have been getting better at it so I would love to try out a couple new braiding techniques and get more skilled at them!
  1. A person I hope to me more like: A fun fact about me is, I have a huge girl-crush on Taylor Swift! She is humorous, smart and inspirational. She doesn’t change herself for the media and she challenges the status quo, which I think is amazing.
  1. A good deed I am going to do: At my school students need a community service project to graduate, and I am want to teach a class to middle-schoolers about study techniques. I am really looking forward to getting this started and I really hope that I will help!
  1. A place I’d like to visit: One place that I have wanted to visit for the longest time is Alcatraz in San Francisco. A lot of my peers have been there and they say that it was extremely interesting, and the history behind it is captivating.
  1. A book I’d like to read: I am dying to read “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler. She is one of my favorite comedians and this book got great reviews. I have a lot of other books on my must-read list and this one is near the top!
  1. I am going to do better at: This one was the easiest; I want to be better at starting everyday grateful and with a grateful mind. I am not saying that I am not grateful, but I believe that everyone can always be more grateful.

See you in 2015!

– Isabel


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