This or That

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  1. Blush or Bronzer? Blush! My favorite is Nars Deep Throat.
  2. Eyeliner or Mascara? Mascara because my eyelashes are so blonde that they are clear. So eyeliner looks odd without mascara!!
  3. Foundation or Concealer? Concealer, my holy grail is Maybelline Age Rewind.
  4. Lipgloss or Lipstick? Lipgloss, the best is Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Liar.
  5. Neutral or Color Eyeshadow? Neutral! A tip for blue eyes is, wear some gold eyeshadow because it makes blue eyes POP!
  6. Sponges or Brushes? Brushes, because they come in a larger variety than sponges.


  1. OPI or China Glaze? OPI! My go-to is Japanese Rose Garden.
  2. Acrylic or Natural? Definitely natural.
  3. Long or Short? I tend to keep my nails short.
  4. Brights, Darks, or Neutrals? It is a tie between dark and neutral.


  1. Perfumes or Mists? Perfume! The perfume I use most is the Coach Signature.
  2. Lotion or Body Butter? Lotion, I love the Bath and Body Works lotions!
  3. Body Wash or Soap? Soap, I love Dove’s soaps!
  4. Wax or Shave? Shave… I have never tried waxing!


  1. Jeans or Joggers? Jeans, I love American Eagle’s jeggings.
  2. Skirts or Dresses? Skirts, so I can change tops and sweaters depending on my mood and the weather!
  3. Stripes or Dots? Stripes! I love, love, love striped oxfords.
  4. Flip Flops or Sandals? Neither, I always wear flats.
  5. Boots or Stilettos? Boots! Especially Hunters and Riding Boots.


  1. Curly or Straight? Straight, because that is my natural hair texture.
  2. Long or Short? Long, so I can do a lot of different styles!
  3. Bun or Ponytail? Ponytail.
  4. Light or Dark? Light, my natural color is light.
  5. Hair Spray or Gel? Spray, my favorite is Suave.


  1. Rain or Shine? Rain, I love the smell.
  2. Summer or Winter? Winter, because of Christmas and the look of snow on Evergreen trees!
  3. Autumn or Spring? Autumn.
  4. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.
  5. Fashion or Beauty? Fashion! My favorite stores are J. Crew, Shop Priceless, Gap and Loft.
  6. Leather or Sequins? Sequins!


– Isabel


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