Fashion Apps:


I don’t know about you, but my phone is FULL of fashion apps! In this series, I am reviewing my favorite apps and sharing my recommendations! Layout

My first app is, This is both an app and website, but I use the app while I’m on the go; in a waiting room, when I’m bored and on public transportation.


I love (app) because it has a huge amount of fashion shows that are easily accessible. The first page has two options, “Latest Shows” and “All Shows”. I love this organizations because you can look at the recent shows, then go back and look at that designer’s show from one or two seasons back!



This is nice because I tend to like couture shows over menswear and resort shows. Under the “Seasons” option, I can pick and choose which shows I want to view!


For my example, I picked a “Hermes” show. With this grid layout, I can get the general idea and theme for this season’s line. Then, I can choose a look and has all of their pictures in HD (which I get really excited about)!

– Isabel

*I did not partner with for this post, nor did they sponsor this post. 


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