Stylish Teachers: Ms. T

Happy Tuesday!
Last year I had the opportunity of learning from a great English teacher, Ms. T. I always looked forward to seeing her literary tee shirts and noticing how her style was eclectic and very different from other teachers. Which is reflected in her answers below…
Ms Tincher
  1. Favorite things in my closet: I definitely go through phases with certain pieces of my wardrobe. Often, though, my favorite things tend to be really versatile accessories. Right now, I’m “having a moment” with my black leather jacket and a tote bag I use for work. The jacket is a splurge purchase from Lord & Taylor, my favorite department store, and is a nice piece for layering. The bag (which I now have in two different colors!) was a somewhat impulsive Target purchase that has become the thing I use at work for carrying around my laptop and the other million things I need throughout the day.
  2. Favorite decade of clothing: I’d have to say the 20’s. There was a wonderful mix of glamour and fun emerging in women’s fashion, but still a focus on classic, streamlined looks.
  3. TV/Movie character with the best fashion sense: My top 2 right now would have to be Joan Holloway from Mad Men and Olivia Pope from Scandal. Joan wears a dress like no one else and Olivia has a new, fabulous coat every episode. Both women are confident and powerful, which is reflected in everything they wear.
  4. If I could choose any fashion designer to create a whole wardrobe for me, I’d choose: This is a tough question! While overall it would be hard for me to pick just one, I’ve always been a fan of BCGB, so I’ll go with designer Max Azria. I have some great pieces by him, including a number of dresses, which I think have a particular appeal. With a mix of on-trend and classic pieces, I think this wardrobe would be the most versatile and complete with both basics and fun, unique items.
  5. My favorite trends: Blazers, denim, extra long sweaters, and retro-inspired athletic sneakers.
  6. Oldest item in my closet: Brown leather riding boots- a classic for any wardrobe, but mine are lined with sheep’s wool so they’re even more of an essential for the cold here in Boston.
  7. Best fashion advice I’ve ever received: Style is what’s yours and fashion is everything else. It’s fun to look at trends, runway, red carpet, etc., but what matters most to me is what I wear every day. Whether it’s a fancy dress or one of my literary t-shirts, it’s all a part of my own personal style.

– Isabel


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