Trendy Teens #1: Mae

High school is all about finding yourself, which means finding your unique style! I interviewed Mae, a sweet and old-fashioned Sophomore. She is also the president of our school’s fashion club. So, meet Mae…

Screen shot 2014-10-18 at 1.31.39 PM

  • What are 2 adjectives that describe your style? She absolutely loves vintage inspired fashion and the essence that each piece carries. Also ‘cute’ inspired patterns and accessories, like polka dots and bows!
  • Tips for following a (student) budget? Don’t be afraid of thrift stores, which have great items with a low price tag. As well as store email lists… as annoying that they can be, they are full of coupons.
  • What is your favorite trend and why? Boho chic because of the flowing fabric. She also adores the 60s boho movement because of the effortless feel
  • If you could hire any fashion designer to create a whole wardrobe for you who would it be and why? Mae is a HUGE Audrey Hepburn fan, and she is also a fan of her clothing. A lot of Hepburn’s clothing was designed by and made by Givenchy. Givenchy founded his clothing line in 1952, which brings the timeless and classic look.
  • What is your accessory of choice? Why? Her silver and rose gold watch because it is fashionable as well as practical. And of course… it sparkles!
  • What is your favorite season to dress in? Fall because of the rich brown and burgundy color scheme. Also, because she can dress cozy without having to worry about the temperature being below freezing!
  • Best advice you have ever gotten? These are cliché, but cliché is cliché for a reason. That being said, her best advice is… Be kind to others and don’t let others change you.

Thanks Mae!

– Isabel


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