The Best of… RED Valentino

This will be my first post in a very long time. But don’t worry, I will be updating regularly again! Here is the Best of… RED Valentino (for now), RED Valentino is one of my favorite designer brands… so enjoy!!

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 1.29.28 PM

Short Day Dresses Velvet Colla – $696

Tulle Trim Snow White ©Disney Dress – $810

Clear Trench Coat in Black – $795

Troyle De Jouy Paysage Print Dress – $895

Wool and silk-blend mini dress – $5,200

Leather Flared Skirt – $1,015

Glitter-finished Leather Oxfords – $395

Swiss Dot Floral-Lace Dress – $895

Floral-Print Bow-Detailed Coat – $1,295

– Isabel


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