Radiant Roosevelt

Believing in your self is everything. Having confidence in yourself can get you anywhere. Even having a little bit of confidence in yourself, is more than most women have.

When I am in school, I most likely have some sort of brace on; have a red face from crying, limping or falling. Getting stared at for any of these, even once, makes me question my body, my actions and myself. I have fallen in the hallway many times, needing help and constantly waving at peers or teachers for help. But instead of helping me up or calling a teacher for help, classmates stare, roll their eyes and walk right by. Am I invisible?

This kind of rudeness happens everyday. Girls (and boys) get stared at, pointed to and laughed at for anything. Mentally handicapped and physically handicapped people are treated like outsiders and are isolated from most of society. If asked on the street, “How do you treat disabled people?” Everyone will say, “They are just like everyone else, I treat them as equals”. But in reality about 4 out of 10 people will stand by what they said and act by it as well. When applying for a job, trying to make friends or even walking down the street, we are judged. Everyone judged and picked apart for everything, even what we have no control over.It is scary to think about how shallow and rude most of society is currently, in 2014.

Focusing on dreams and goals is how countless women deal with the pressure to make no mistakes. My theory is, Eleanor Roosevelt had the right idea.

Eleanor was the wife of the 32nd President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Eleanor was also very involved in the civil rights movement and extremely public about her morals and beliefs. She also only let women reporters into her press conferences so that newspapers would have to employ women. She was brave, smart, confident and focused on beliefs, rights and equality. Many said and did hateful acts just because she was a women, and wasn’t a beauty queen. But is physical appearance the only important quality in women today? Women are looked down upon if they are not models but average looking. Aren’t smarts, kindness and respect as meaningful, if not more meaningful than looks?

Yes. Yes they are.


From:     http://izquotes.com/quote/157908

~ Isabel


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