Surgery Checklist

Unfortunately, I have had a lot of opportunities to perfect my surgery checklist… When I say “surgery checklist” I’m talking about a major procedure, with a hospital stay and a long, hard recovery. I really hope no one has to go through any surgeries, but that is completely unrealistic! Below are my must-haves for after surgery or any kind of hospital stay:


1. Mens New England Patriots football shirts (American Eagle and Nordstrom)

2. Headphones, Ipod/mp3, Cell Phone and Computer/tablet (Apple)

3. Glasses and a book (Anywhere glasses are sold and bookstores)

4. Slippers, Oversized PJ Pants, a Bathrobe and a Sleep mask (Kohls and Shopbop)

5. Lip Balm and Lotion (Jack Black and Philosophy)

6. Mittens and a soft, warm Blanket (Target and Pier 1)


It is also fun to take a pre-surgery picture! Here is me, right before my shoulder operation:




Happy Holidays!

~ Isabel


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