Lively Lexie

High school can be full of sleepless nights, stress and homework. But one creative outlet can be fashion. This article is about one lovely lady in particular… Lexie from the blog Lexie Faith! Tell us about yourself Lexie:


I’m Lexie Faith, the writer of where I write about my personal style, as well as fashion and beauty tips. 

Obsessed with all things Autumn. 

Sophomore in High School.

Glitter in my veins.

Got that curly fro.

15 years young.

All things pretty.











High school for some can be a great challenge, but I believe that it is what you want it to be. If you have a good attitude about your education and social life, good things will come. At any stage of life it is easy to get lost in the crowd, to let your flaws as well as your amazing qualities slip through the shadows. One way that I am able to set my self apart, as well as build confidence is through my wardrobe. I love that I am unique and so is my personal style.


When it comes to describing my style, I would say that I’m attracted to just about everything. I’m mostly drawn to black and white patterned pieces, crazy colored shoes, and structured dresses. Getting dressed in the morning is always so fun. It’s a challenge against myself, to see if I can rearrange my closet so that my outfit was as good as the day before. But that is one thing about this little “game” I play. I have to play it with myself or else I will loose all together. I can’t compare myself to other people. I can’t have my mind in a place of wanting to pass up my peers when really, we should be all in this together. 


Strive to be you, and no one but you!

xoxo, Lexie



Expressing yourself is important and don’t be nervous! Empower yourself!!


~ Isabel


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