Sling Fling

I have a love/hate relationship with August surgery. This past August, I had the ligaments tightened in my right shoulder. Many might think I am odd for even giving surgery a good thought but there is always an upside to a situation.

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One upside and downside is, guaranteed air conditioning. Even though I live in New England and our summers don’t compare to others, I have a hate/hate relationship with heat. A sweaty, sticky, smelly person coming at me is not my thing, just saying! So when I arrive home in my chariot of medicine, pillows and one non-showered 16 year old, I can wipe my brow knowing that I have dibs on the cool air.


I think the biggest downside is, having to wear the ugliest grey sling for months. At an average of 23 hours a day, I can’t get rid of it. My mother has to help me change, shower; cut my food… my independence has bled out during surgery.


Molding my ensembles to go with this sling was aggravating. Wearing a necklace or belt was impossible, even pulling up my dungarees was an obstacle. I got odd looks in the hall while twisting and bending, trying not to flash my undies… but I managed!


Two months later, I am sling free and feeling great. I can write again, drive and accessorize properly. I tell you, take advantage and appreciate the little things!


If ever have the inconvenience of wearing a sling, tunics will become your new wingman. If your pants fall a touch, no one will notice because your derriere is shielded.


When a sling wraps around your waist, a blouse’s material can easily get caught and dragged up the side and back of you. This happened quite often to yours truly, and it caused my cheeks to fill with color. Being stopped in the hall by a teacher or cute guy and being told that my back is exposed, is not on my list of desirable high school experiences. Especially when the top of my underwear decides to see the light of day at the same time… I’m thinking to myself, HOLY GUACAMOLE!!


Lets just say, praise the lord that that experience is over.



~ Isabel




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