Incredibly Cosmo

The words Cosmopolitan and sex go hand in hand. People who do not read Cosmo automatically think the whole magazine is only filled with adult behavior. But aren’t they all? I have a subscription to Seventeen and that has about 5-7 pages of kissing tips, ways to get guys and general love advice.

            Cosmo’s love advice is a touch more sophisticated but it advertises the same idea. What a lot of outsiders do not know is, they have a fabulous fashion section! Cosmo also has mini one-page sections that are hilarious! And don’t get me started on their interview style… I love it!

            In the November issue of Cosmopolitan there is a particularly good “worst Dates” section. The “Worst Dates” section is dedicated to contributor worst date stories that almost make me wet my J. Crew Toothpicks!

            November’s beauty section has a distinct article dedicated to defining cheekbones. And may I say, this is the most helpful cheekbone article I have read in a long time. Cosmo also provides pictures and specific makeup that is the most beneficial in achieving the look. How this is different from every other fashion magazine is, the products are at a reasonable price and Cosmo say why these products are the best.

            “Uptown Girl” is an article based around Natalia Kills (British singer) and how she acquires pieces, solely to convey different styles. Within each of the six looks, Natalia gives a peek into her mindset based on each “personality” given off by the clothes.

            Last but definitely not least, Cosmo’s interview style sets them apart from every other magazine. Instead of asking questions and expecting an answer from their cover girl/boy, Cosmopolitan prepares questions but connects the answers to make a story. This story really gives the reader a nice view into how the celeb acts and thinks. The article is casual but gives off the sense that you are actually taking to this person, or that you are actually there.


Wake up and smell the Cosmo!


~ Isabel


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