To skirt… or not?

If you have ever been in a wheelchair, you know this problem.  If you have not, just imagine sitting in a chair, facing a group of people in a skirt or dress. I’m guessing all you can think about is, Can they see up my skirt? Can they see my panties? What do I do? Well, when I’m in that situation I tend to gravitate towards pants.

            Yes, pants are common and ok, but they’re the opposite of feminine. Sacrificing my style, my comfort and my identity for the vehicle I don’t want to drive is hard. I mean come on!! Tiffany blue Vespa or wheelchair?

            Over the years, I have gotten more and more fed up with leaving my skirts on their hangers. With closing the door on my classic, bright and printed dresses. Now, along with my skirts and dresses, I am an owner of spandex biker shorts. Weird right?

            But surprisingly, those scratchy tight things come in handy! BIG TIME!! No, they are not the most stylish. No, they are not the most comfortable. But yes, they are the most helpful. With a pair of these bad boys, my skirts come out of hiding. And my dresses can finally see daylight! I would definitely invest in different colors, lengths and patterns.


Here is a link to check out!





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